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Discover the exciting world of youth wrestling tournaments, designed to engage and empower young athletes. 

🤼‍♂️Year-Round Opportunities

Wrestling tournaments provide year-round chances for your child to participate and grow in the sport. Explore local and national events to keep them active and enthusiastic.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Build Connections

Tournaments are not just about competition. They're a chance for your child to make friends, connect with coaches, and become part of a supportive wrestling community.

🏆 Celebrate Dedication

Whether your child is a beginner or an experienced wrestler, every tournament is an opportunity to celebrate dedication, resilience, and the joy of the sport.

📅 Event Calendar

Stay updated on upcoming tournaments in various locations. Plan your schedule to align with these exciting opportunities.

Tournament Coaches

At wrestling tournaments, the presence of experienced coaches like JARO adds invaluable support and guidance to young athletes. JARO's coaching philosophy goes beyond technical expertise; it encompasses mentorship, motivation, and a deep understanding of each wrestler's unique strengths. These tournaments become more than just competitions; they transform into learning opportunities where JARO's insights empower athletes to navigate challenges, refine their techniques, and embrace the spirit of sportsmanship. With JARO on the sidelines, parents can trust that their children are not only participating in a physically demanding sport but are also receiving mentorship from a dedicated coach who fosters personal growth and a love for the sport. The impact of JARO's coaching extends beyond victories on the mat, creating an environment where young wrestlers develop character, resilience, and a lifelong passion for wrestling.  

If you're interested in having JARO coach your child at any of the tournaments listed below, please join our Facebook Community Group for updates and text Coach Jeff at 612-598-0822.  Make sure to provide your wrestler's name and the tournament your child will be attending so we can plan accordingly and provide the best coaching support possible. We look forward to seeing your child succeed on the mat!

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Wrestling Tournaments Near Me Sites

The resource hub that supports you on your child's wrestling journey. Let the mat be a place where they not only discover their strength but also create lasting memories. Your guide to wrestling tournament resource sites starts here! 🌟🤼‍♂️

The Guillotine Wrestling

The Guillotine

Check out The Guillotine Open Tournament Calendar that serves as a great resource for upcoming local and state tournaments.

Open Wrestling Tournament Schedule

MNUSA Wrestling

MNUSA Wrestling

MNUSA Wrestling calendar showcases upcoming tournaments sponsored by USA Wrestling.

MNUSA Tournaments do require an annual membership card.

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NYWA Wrestling

NYWA Tournament

NYWA Districts are held following the Minnesota State High School Wrestling tournament. Wrestlers must attend one of the districts in order to qualify for regions.  Wrestlers can attend any district they choose to BUT if they qualify at that district, they MUST attend the regional tournament that that district is under with the exception of the Early Bird. For example, a wrestler who attends and qualifies at the Austin District MUST wrestle at the Region One tournament (Rochester region).  Wrestlers who place 1st or 2nd at districts will advance to the regional tournament.  At regions, a wrestler must place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the weight class to advance to State (with the exception of the wildcard region which advances the top 4 to state). Then those wrestlers who place 4th, 5th or 6th place at regions can advance to the Invite tournament if they wish.

NYWA Tournaments do require an annual membership card that you can purchase 

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Jaycees State Tournaments

The Jaycee Tournaments, organized by the Junior Chamber International (JCI), offer an excellent avenue for beginner wrestlers to showcase their new talents. These tournaments cater to participants from around the state, providing a platform for wrestlers to compete at various regional qualifiers held between December and March. The inclusive nature of the Jaycee Tournaments ensures that wrestlers from diverse backgrounds and skill levels can participate, fostering a supportive environment for those who are just starting their wrestling journey.

The road to the State Tournament in Albany or Grand Rapids serves as an exciting and challenging path for these novice wrestlers. It not only allows them to test their skills against peers from different regions but also encourages camaraderie and the development of sportsmanship.

Explore Jaycee Wrestling Tournament Details

MYAS Midwest Wrestling Tour

Midwest Wrestling Tour

The Midwest Wrestling Tour (MWT) is the prestigious circuit of youth wrestling tournaments showcasing the phenomenal youth wrestling from the Midwest and Beyond! 

Yellowjacket Nationals - ROCHESTER, MN

Hawkeye Nationals - CEDAR RAPIDS, IA

Badgerland Nationals - LACROSSE, WI

Gopher State Nationals - MONTICELLO, MN

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Nuway Tournaments

With tournaments in 10+ states across all age groups throughout the year, there's a NUWAY event for everyone even in the offseason.

Explore NUWAY Wrestling Tournaments


A site that provides real-time tracking of match results and statistics. Wrestlers, coaches, and fans can use Trackwrestling to access live updates, match scores, brackets, and other relevant information during wrestling competitions.  It includes freestyle, Greco-Roman, and folkstyle, and covers events ranging from youth tournaments to collegiate competitions.


This platform focuses on providing coverage of wrestling events, news, and content. It includes live streaming of various wrestling competitions, original documentaries, interviews, technique videos, and other wrestling-related content. FloWrestling is known for its comprehensive coverage of wrestling at different levels, from youth to collegiate and international competitions. 


A website that provides comprehensive coverage of amateur wrestling. Intermat offers news, analysis, and various resources related to wrestling at different levels, including high school, college, and international competitions. The website covers a wide range of wrestling-related topics, including rankings, results, interviews, and features.