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Discover what our satisfied members are saying about their experiences at JARO Wrestling Academy. From unlocking wrestling potential to fostering a sense of camaraderie and personal growth, our community has shared their thoughts on the positive and empowering journey with us. Explore these customer reviews to gain insights into the impactful moments, supportive coaching, and overall transformative experiences that define our commitment to excellence in wrestling education. Join the chorus of voices echoing the success stories within the JARO family culture.

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We LOVE Jeff!  🙂  I cannot recommend Jeff and JARO academy enough.  My son has been practicing with Jeff Wichern for the past 6 years.  My son has learned the techniques and skills to become a successful varsity wrestler in high school.  Not only do students learn about wrestling and techniques, they also learn about the mental aspects of the sport.  Jeff truly cares about all of his students and wants the best for them.  If they are willing to put in the time and the effort, Jeff truly goes above and beyond in coaching his kids on and off the mat.  Taking the time to send individual messages, mindset podcasts and videos and also working with students on items that they need to work on to get better.  Through tough love and coaching, Jeff will make a difference for your wrestler.  We cannot recommend him and JARO enough!

Sara Kellogg • HS Parent, 7+ Year Member

Jaro Wrestling Club is graced by the expertise of Jeff Wichern and Marcus LeVesseur. Together, they create a powerhouse of wrestling excellence, shaping not just athletes, but champions in the making.

Tony Grygelko • Youth Parent

Anyone who knows Jeff knows he is an amazing coach and runs a great program! He really knows how to teach the FUNdamentals of the sport, if you’re looking to get your daughter or son into wrestling Jaro is a great place to start!

Lily Chem • Youth Parent, 4+ Year Member

You WILL NOT find more caring and dedicated coaches than Jeff and Marcus.  Honesty, work ethic and good character is what your kids learn, not just excellent wrestling!!

Brandon Westgaard • HS Parent, 6+ Years Member

You will get tough partners and dedicated coaches. I would highly recommend this program! You will see a drastic difference in your child’s ability on the mat as well as improved mental game.

Autumn Olson • HS Parent, 8+ Years Member

Our experience with JARO has been nothing but the best. Coaches met my son where he was at and the skills he came with. They know when to let off at practice and when to push that extra bit. Coaches check in and reach out and are very communicative. Thank you for a positive first year! Looking forward to more growth and development!

Sara Hallermann • Youth Parent, 1 Year Member

JARO is the best!!!  Where coaches truly care about each individual wrestler and their growth on and off the mat!!!

Bevin Murdock MS Parent, 4+ Years Member


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