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Unleash your Olympic dreams with JARO Wrestling Academy's Spring Greco Freestyle Wrestling Registration! Perfect for youth wrestlers aged 3-19, spanning grades PK-12, across Minnesota, our program is tailored for those passionate about the art of Greco Freestyle Olympic-style wrestling. Led by experienced coaches, you'll master the unique techniques and strategies of this dynamic discipline while building strength, agility, and confidence on the mat. Our spring sessions offer a perfect opportunity to refine your skills and prepare for upcoming competitions. 

What is Greco-Roman Wrestling?

In Greco-Roman wrestling, athletes are only allowed to use their arms and upper bodies to attack and defend. This means that unlike freestyle wrestling, which allows for attacks below the waist, Greco-Roman wrestlers focus exclusively on throws and holds that target the upper body. This style of wrestling emphasizes technique, strength, and explosiveness.

What is Freestyle Wrestling?

Freestyle wrestling, on the other hand, allows competitors to use both their arms and legs to attack and defend. This opens up a wider range of techniques, including takedowns, throws, and holds that target both the upper and lower body. Freestyle wrestling is often seen as more dynamic and fast-paced than Greco-Roman wrestling, with athletes frequently changing levels and using a variety of attacks to score points.

Both styles of wrestling are known for their physicality, strategy, and mental toughness, making them exciting sports to watch and participate in.  Check back in the fall for our 2025 training sessions or email [email protected] if you would like to be added to our mailing list.

Stay Tuned! Check back in the Fall for 2025 Spring Greco/Freestyle Registration options. 

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